Customer Satisfaction Survey 

The Division of Administration & Finance is committed to continuous improvement. To help us improve, our annual Customer Satisfaction Survey, developed by Tritonlytics Opens in new window , provides valuable data on the student and employee experience. Using the data, our staff is able to effectively assess and prioritize resources and projects to better the campus community.

The next survey will be conducted in March 2019. More information will be posted at Opens in new window .

Updates: Turning Data Into Action

March 2019: Another Year, A Better CSUF! 

We are now into our 3rd year of the customer satisfaction survey! With another year of data, we will be able to identify trends and patterns to better understand what our campus community wants. The survey is open March 5-26 with some fun prizes for participants to win! See our survey site here: Opens in new window

 January 2019: Improved Communications for better Customer Service

Over the past 12 months, the Division has made it a priority to improve our communications. We received many comments through the survey on the website and know it is an important need for our customers. One of the biggest challenges was updating our many websites. We are nearly finished redesigning all of our sites, and here are the ones completed so far: 


 December 2018: Making Changes for the Good

New improvements to report! Custodial Services has implemented a new Kaivac cleaning system to increase quality standards. Administrative Systems (AFIT) implemented a new customer intake questionnaire and updated their project tools to better understand their customer needs. EH&S, over the summer, inventoried all campus chemicals to reduce wait times from days to just minutes! These are just a few examples of how our departments have take helpful data from the survey to turn into something good for the campus.

August 2018: Leadership Workshop - Developing Outcomes and Improvement Ideas

With another survey completed, we have even more data to identify trends and patterns in what the campus is telling us. With the 2018 reports in hand, our managers and directors gathered to develop outcomes and ideas for improvement. The most important aspect to the workshop was for each person to provide and receive feedback to help fine tune and focus their efforts.

April 2018: Asking Better Questions

As we gear up for the next  Customer Satisfaction Survey Opens in new window , survey teams considered how to ask survey questions to provide useful data on projects newly implemented. While many of the questions will be the same as last year's survey in order to compare and identify trends, we have the opportunity asked a few new focused questions to understand your needs even better.  Help us learn what you think by filling out the survey April 3-20 Opens in new window . Thank you! 

February 2018: Communication to our Customers

More projects were implemented in the last several months including small but significant changes in how we communicate with our customers. Also, teams reached out to some of their customers either through email, phone, or in-person to let them know how they are using the survey data. The Division of Administration & Finance believes in the importance being transparent about how we use the data collected from customer input.  

January 2018: A year in review

See how many of our departments used the data to make improvements in 2017: Division's Progress Report PDF File Opens in new window  

December 2017: Project Implementation 

About 20 survey teams from various departments considered how they can make improvements that matter to the customers, our CSUF community, based on their respective primary opportunities highlighted in the survey results. Each department developed attainable and measurable goals that could be implemented quickly and at a low-cost. Here are just a few examples out of the many projects implemented:

  • Custodial Services increased their frequency of floor drain maintenance to address the smell of bathrooms.
  • Environmental Health & Safety extended hours of operations to address campus needs during early and later hours.
  • Student Financial Services created information tools for their student assistants to address data indicated a greater need for knowledgeable staff.
November 2017: Departmental Survey Teams Kick-Off and Action Planning

All the departments surveyed have developed specialized teams to focus on the Primary Opportunities identified in the survey reports. Each team consists of staff, management, and sometimes even customers. These survey teams studied the data as well as thousands of customer comments and are now coming up with solutions. More updates to come as our staff continues to use the survey data! 

July 2017: Leadership Team Workshop

On July 13, 2017, the Division's leadership gathered to study the survey results and develop action plans. Managers continue to work through the data and the many comments left by the more than 8600 individuals who participated in the survey. Already, there are plans in the works to address the primary opportunities to improve.