The Division of Administration & Finance consists of hundreds of staff and student assistants that make up 8 administrative areas and over 30 departments. Each of these departments support the effective running of the campus' finance, administrative, and business operations.

VP Danny Kim

Danny C. Kim

Vice President & Chief Financial Officer for the Division of Administration &  Finance

Message from the Vice President

The Division of Administration and Finance serves as the backbone of the CSUF campus, managing a wide array of operations from custodial services to accounting.

It is the mission of the Division to provide customer-focused administrative support and steward our physical and financial resources in order to set students up for success.

Our team is committed to aligning our business practices and operations with the needs and challenges of the 21st century. Campus beautification, classroom improvements, and technological advancements, continue to be a priority as we enhance the learning environment.

The Division embraces excellence and collaboration, actively partnering in the university's aim to increase graduation rates and become a model public comprehensive university in the nation.

Meet the Senior Administrative Team


Chief Raymund Aguirre

Raymund Aguirre

Chief of Police / police.fullerton.eduOpens in new window

Lupe Briseno Executive Assistant

Lupe Briseño

Executive Assistant to the Vice President

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Chief of Operations & Division Budget

Laleh Graylee

Laleh Graylee

Assistant Vice President for Resource Planning &  Budget / resourceplanning.fullerton.eduOpens in new window

Ali Izadian

Dr. Ali Izadian

Associate Vice President for Capital Programs & Facilities Management / facilities.fullerton.eduOpens in new window

Chuck Kissell

Chuck Kissel

Executive Director for Auxiliary Service Corporation / csufasc.comOpens in new window

Nelson Nagai

Nelson Nagai

Senior Director for Contracts & Procurement / adminfin.fullerton.edu/cpOpens in new window

Steven Yim

Steven Yim

Assistant Vice President for Financial Services & Administrative Systems/Controller / adminfin.fullerton.edu/financeOpens in new window