Travel Using P-Card: Do's and Don'ts

All P-Cards are available to use for Business Travel purposes with all Travel Restrictions lifted

P-Card Users do not need eBusiness special permissions, Q#’s, or proof of an "exception" to allow travel accommodation transactions


  • A pre-authorized TR number must be attained  prior to making travel arrangements or charging any transactions.
  • P-Cards can be used for:
    • Flight Accommodations
    • Lodging
    • Registrations
    • Transportation arrangements
  • P-Cards may be used to process and secure the above transaction types for multiple travelers: Faculty &/or Staff members, Students, or potential Candidates.


  • Personal travel expenses are NOT allowed on P-Card, such as:
    • Meals
    • Tips
    • Other Misc. incidental expenditures
  • Alcohol purchases are prohibited on P-Cards