Goal 4: Develop and retain a high-quality staff

The division strives to foster a culture of collaboration and organizational excellence, and we are committed to investing in and expanding our employees' professional development. To this end, we will support activities that empower an engaged staff and enhance collaboration and communication. We will develop employees who are open to new ideas and innovation and bring creative solutions and best practices to the division and the University. (aligned with University Strategic Plan Goal #3)


  • Provide professional development opportunities to division employees to better support retention and engagement throughout all career stages.
  • Improve communication across the division.
  • Develop a division on-boarding program.
  • Recognize employee contributions and celebrate success.


  • Conduct an analysis of professional development needs at the department level and establish a plan with a corresponding budget.
  • Ensure employees have an opportunity to participate in meaningful professional development activities.
  • Increase the number of employees who belong to professional organizations and are active in those organizations.
  • Partner with Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion (HRDI) to create professional development workshops for the division.
  • Establish a working group with representatives from across the division to articulate communication goals and best means for achieving them.
  • Develop and implement a strategic communications plan.
  • Establish a committee to research on-boarding best practices.
  • In partnership with Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion (HRDI), develop and implement an on-boarding program for the division.
  • Establish a working group with division departments represented.
  • Develop and implement programs and events to enhance morale and recognize individual and group contributions to the division and the University.
  • Reward innovation, excellence, collaboration and customer service.