Petty Cash Disbursement

Description: To request for cash on hand to provide for miscellaneous purchases of low value goods of $50 or less. To increase, decrease, or close Petty Cash funds, go to Accounting Services and Financial ReportingOpens in new window .

  • Step 1:

    Review requirements for Petty Cash: Petty cash may not be used for payroll payments, services of an independent contractor, inventorial equipment, restricted goods and services, entertainment expense, liquor, travel expense, and other personal obligations. For low value approved purchases, the use of the CSUF Procurement CardOpens in new window is recommended. For more information on the CSUF Procurement Card, go to Contracts and ProcurementOpens in new window .

  • STEP 2: 

    Complete the Petty Cash Disbursement VoucherPDF File Opens in new window .

  • Step 3:

    If funds are used for hospitality, complete a D-11 Changes FormPDF File Opens in new window .

    Attach original receipts and obtain department approval. Submit to Accounts Payable (CP-300).

  • STEP 4:

    Requestor will be notified once the forms are approved by Accounts Payable.

    The requestor can pick up their Disbursement Voucher from CP-300, then the requestor can take the Disbursement Voucher to the Cashier's Office (GH-180).

    A valid CSUF ID or California Driver's License must be presented at the Cashier's Office for verification. Please contact Cashiers Office at to schedule an appointment or for current window hours.