Document Management Center (DMC)

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About DMC

The Document Management Center (DMC) scans documents for a variety of on-campus departments. With DMC services, we can help you with the following:

  • Custom document index retrieval
  • Document security
  • Electronic viewing
  • Eliminate the need of storing and retrieving the physical document
  • Retention policy guidelines

You can learn more about our process at DMC Process Overview.

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DMC Process Overview

  • Prepping

    Prepping refers to the process of preparing documents for scanning. The prepping process is conducted by all departments who scan documents. We provide a prepping training upon request. We tailor this training to your department in terms of details and questions.

  • Scanning

    This process involves a presentation of the scanning implementation phases, along with an actual demonstration of the process.

  • Retrieving

    This is the process of viewing your documents electronically after they have been scanned. In this training, we demonstrate how to view your documents, and talk about what access is needed to view documents.

  • Archiving

    After a document is scanned, it is returned to the department. The department then decides whether they will shred the hard copy or send them to be stored/archived.

  • Electronic Retention / Purging

    An electronic copy of documents are kept for a specific period. When the set date arrives, we request permission to purge/delete the specified documents. DMC will never purge documents without the approval of the customer/owner of documents.

FileNet Access Request Requirements

To request, change, or remove FileNet document access, please submit your request to the Document Management CenterOpens in new window . The following information below will be required.

1. Name of the individual(s) that need(s) access

2. List the campus-wide ID (CWID) of the individual(s)

3. Name the individual to copy access from (if applicable)

4. Name one of the following request types: 

  • New Access
  • Update Access
  • Remove Access

5. Name the level(s) of access for the individual(s)

  • Read - ability to view only
  • Write - ability to view and create or edit annotations