A&F Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Message from Vice President Kim

More than ever before, the Division of Administration and Finance must affirm its commitment to cultivating an equitable, diverse and inclusive campus environment. Now is the time for us to come together as a division and take meaningful action against injustices within our communities and campus. As we embark on a journey to overcome great challenges, we are also presented with an opportunity for self-reflection on how our individual efforts can bring about a true culture change.


The first step in our journey was the creation of the Administration & Finance Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Plan (A&F DEI plan), which provides a framework with a focus on educating ourselves, engaging in discussion, building relationships, and continually assessing our efforts to ensure progress is made. Given the variety of functions and the diverse workforce within our division, the plan allows each unit the flexibility to implement strategies and initiatives, some of which staff members will be asked to lead.


This is a huge endeavor that will take time and continue to evolve. Success will require the support and effort from all members of the Admin & Finance family. I look forward to engaging with all members of the division to openly recognize and address our areas for growth and overcome any challenges or resistance. We are committed to fulfilling the vision and goal of our DEI plan by creating an inclusive organization, designed to celebrate the unique value of each team member.


Danny C. Kim

Vice President for Administration & Finance/CFO


A&F Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Plan

In collaboration with HRDI, the Division of Administration and Finance developed a plan in support of the Titans Together initiative with the implementation of strategies and actions to complement campus-wide efforts. View the full A&F DEI Plan herePDF File Opens in new window .


In addition to paving the road to student success, the division of Administration and Finance is also committed to and accountable for advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion through continual assessment and improvement of policies and practices. We further commit to continuously develop an inclusive environment where employees among all identity groups feel valued and have a voice as participants in decision-making processes.  Our commitment to ensuring student success is parallel to creating an inclusive organization for all.


  1. Raise awareness and knowledge of the importance of diversity, equity practices, and inclusive actions
  2. Instill cultural changes that would elevate the sense of diversity, equity, and inclusion among our staff, customers, and campus community.

 A&F DEI Working Group & Assessment

A&F DEI Working Group

Initial planning efforts included the creation of the A&F DEI Working Group, which consists of Admin and Finance Senior Administration Team (AFSAT) members and one direct report to gather diverse perspectives from across the division. The working group is responsible for the planning, monitoring and evaluating of diversity initiatives and programs for the division. Meetings are scheduled every three weeks to discuss plan progress and share updates regarding DEI activities at the department/unit level.


In spring 2020, an assessment was conducted using the Multicultural organization development (MCOD) model to establish a baseline for the division. The MCOD model provides a framework of six stages which identifies indicators of inclusion, equity, and diversity to guide goals for change and appropriate interventions to progress through each stage of development.

  • Current Status – Stage 1: The division is currently at Stage 1 – The Exclusionary Organization, with 7 of the 18 strategic actions remaining to progress to Stage 2 of the model. The A&F DEI Working Group has developed a A&F Strategic Actions Plan to complete the seven remaining strategic actions to progress from Stage 1 to Stage 2.
  • Division Goal – Stage 6: The division is committed to working towards the aspirational goal of Stage 6 – The Multicultural Organization. While there are no known organizations that have achieved Stage 6, the division will continue to work towards the vision of becoming an inclusive, diverse, and equitable organization.

A&F DEI Strategic Action Plan

In summer 2020, the A&F DEI Working Group completed a visioning exercise to go through the remaining seven strategic actions of Stage 1. The A&F DEI Strategic Actions PlanPDF File Opens in new window outlines specific strategies and methods to address the following strategic actions the division will complete to progress to Stage 2:

  • Strategic Action: Engage in coalition building ~ develop relationships with other change agents across identity groups
  • Strategic Action: Build a shared understanding of the current exclusionary practices and oppressive behaviors
  • Strategic Action: Increase visibility of leaders reinforcing their commitment to create a safe, inclusive organizational environment
  • Strategic Action: Identify and communicate clear expectations and boundaries for appropriate behavior and clear responses for inappropriate behavior* (Jackson & Hardiman)
  • Strategic Action: Create structures to ensure all organizational members understand the rules for expected behavior in the organization and the consequences of exclusionary actions, negligence, and workplace harassment.
  • Strategic Action: Continually monitor and report on efforts and outcomes to create greater safety for all groups in the organization.
  • Strategic Action: Build internal networks across the institution: Human Resources, Legal advisers, EEO/AA, Ombuds, union leaders, Board members, employee resource groups, etc.

Division and Department Efforts

The A&F division is continuously working on DEI activities at both the division and unit levels. Listed below are a few of those DEI efforts.

A&F Employee DEI Goals: To help support the division’s DEI efforts, all employees received a DEI goal to participate in campus and division DEI training sessions and workshops, as part of their performance evaluations.

Diversity Education Workshop for Leadership: In May 2020, more than 50 A&F managers participated in an Emotional Intelligence in Cross Cultural Interactions workshop, facilitated by HRDI.

One Book, One CSUF Program: More than 140 managers, staff, and student assistants are participating in the One Book, One CSUF Program by reading The Book of Unknown Americans. 14 departments across the division are hosting reading groups and activities surrounding the book.  


A&F Employee Demographics

Division Diversity by Gender
as of June 2020
Division Diveristy by Ethnicity
as of June 2020