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Below is a list of requests that employees can submit. Any request that is submitted will be reviewed and can be escalated due to its complexity.

Project Request

Users can submit a project request when they need assistance to streamline business processes or manage new software implementations. They can also submit a project request when they need automation, reports, dashboards, or instructional materials developed. Submitting a project request will require approval from the selected department.

Examples of projects include:

  • Installing Security Cameras
  • Online Training Development (For new trainings only)
  • Server Upgrades
  • Developing New Business Solutions (Smartsheet, ETR, Contract Request, etc.)
  • Concur Implementation

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Simple Request

Users can submit a simple request when they need a minor update or upgrade added to their existing application, course, form, or webpage template/layout. A simple request can also be submitted for new items that require minimal work and do not need project management resources. Submitting a simple request will require approval from the selected department.

Examples of simple requests include:

  • Adding electronic signatures to Adobe Forms
  • Minor updates to pre-existing online training or web application
  • Updating pre-existing webpages, guides, or simple forms
  • Updating workflow in Smartsheet

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ServiceNow is used to track emails that employees send to Support. Users can submit an email if they need technical assistance troubleshooting a business solution, software, or hardware. Users can also submit an email if there is an outage, minor updates to a webpage, require assistance with software installations, or if they need documents retrieved by DMC.

Examples of emails include:

  • Technical assistance with RIMS
  • Assistance with running software updates
  • Document retrieval
  • Troubleshooting a technical issue (e.g. access or other needs not covered by the Simple Request or Project Request forms)

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Administrative Systems is committed to providing effective IT business solutions for the Division of Administration & Finance through exceptional customer service and technical expertise.



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